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IceWine: Extreme Winemaking  1/2008
The House of Mondavi  1/2008
Vintage Humor for Wine Lovers  12/2007
Keys to the Cellar  2/2007
The Wines of France  2/2007
Romancing the Vine  2/2007
A Hedonist in the Cellar  2/2007
Perfect Pairings  2/2007
The Wine Atlas of Canada  2/2007
Sake: Modern Guide  2/2007
Rogov's Guide to Israeli Wines  2/2007
At Home in the Vineyard  2/2007
The Simple and Savvy Wine Guide  2/2007
The Art of the Bar  2/2007
Windows on the World Complete Wine Course  2/2007
About Wine  2/2007
The Ultimate Bar Book  2/2007
The Art of Decanting  2/2007
Wine Access Buyer's Guide  2/2007
The Way to Make Wine  2/2007
Infused  2/2007
Hugh Johnson Pocket Wine Book  2/2007
Hemingway & Bailey's Bartending Guide to Great American Writers  2/2007
Andrea Robinson's 2006 Wine Buying Guide for Everyone  2/2007
What to Drink with What You Eat  2/2007
Kevin Zraly's American Wine Guide  2/2007
The World's Greatest Wines  2/2007
Viva Vodka  2/2007
The Cork Jester's Guide to Wine  2/2007
The Best Cellar  2/2007
Secrets from the Wine Diva  2/2007
North American Pinot Noir  2/2005
The Wines of Bordeaux  2/2005
Wine for Women: A Guide to Buying, Pairing, and Sharing Wine  12/2003
Bordeaux - A Consumer's Guide to the World's Finest Wines  10/2003
How To Pronounce French, German and Italian Wine Names  10/2003
The New American Bartender's Guide      4/2003
Michael Broadbent's Vintage Wine  4/2003
Oz Clarke's New Wine Atlas: Wines and Wine Regions of the World  4/2003
Vino Italiano  4/2003
Great Taste Made Simple  4/2003
The Craft of the Cocktail