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Affordable Bordeaux

Affordable Bordeaux

Tuesday March 23, 2004

Speaker: Christophe Château
The Syndicat des Côtes de Blaye

The "5 Côtes de Bordeaux" wines represent over 16, 200 hectares and 1500 members with a total output of over 1 million hectoliters. The 5 Côtes of Bordeaux consist of : Premières Côtes de Blaye, Côtes de Bourg, Côtes de Castillon, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux and Côtes de Francs. One can find red and white wines with superb quality and reasonable prices within the 5 Cotes. We tasted over a dozen examples of these "affordable" Bordeaux wines.

All the wines in the tasting showed well.

Flight I: Premières Côtes de Blaye Votes   Full Retail Price $  
Château Les Bertrands 2003, white wine
Clear color, citris, honey nose, acidic, balanced, fresh, no barrel aging. Drink now.
NA $10.00
Château La rose Bellevue 2001 (aged in barrel)
Deep purple color. Cherry, plum, black current, tobacco, nose. Tanic, some oak flavors, 1 year in barrel, Long finish. The favorite of the flight.
21 $15.00- $20.00
Château Cantinot 2002
Deep color, closed nose. Good fruit, black cherry, good balance, short finish. A young wine.

14 $20.00
Flight II: Côtes de Bourg Votes Full Retail Price $
Château Gravettes Samonac 2001, cuvée prestige (aged in barrel)
Purple color, black currant,spice well balanced, short finish, tanic, needs age.
9 $20.00
Château Repimplet 2000, cuvée Amélie Julien (aged in barrel)
Dark purple color, big nose, coffee, leather, tobacco; blackberry, black currant flavors, tanic, long finish. The favorite of this flight.
21 $25.00
Château Les Tayac 1995
Dark, not purple, going brown. Good fruit, mellow tanins, no oak, long finish. An older wine of an excellent vintage.

4 $25.00
Flight III: Premières Côtes de Bordeaux Votes Full Retail Price $
Clos Chaumont 2001 (aged in barrel)
Good colour, cherry, raspberry fruit, soft tannins.
10 $15.00
Château Lamothe de Haux 2001 (new barrel)
20-30 year old vines. Berry fruit, soft, drink now. Serve with white meat.
9 $15.00
Château La Rame 2001, cuvée "La Charmille" (new barrel)
41 year old vines. Round, good fruit, balanced. The favorite of this flight.

16 $20.00
Flight IV: Côtes de Castillon Votes Full Retail Price $
Château Cap de Faugères 2000 (new barrel)
Tanic, closed, big in mouth feel. Needs age.
8 $20.00
Château La Brande 2001 (aged in barrel)
Leather, tobacco, earthy, soft.
4 $10.00
Château Roque Le Mayne 2001 (aged in barrel)
Closed nose, good fruit on palate, feminine, lovely wine. The favorite of the flight.

22 $13.00
Flight V: Côtes de Francs Votes Full Retail Price $
Château Godard Bellevue 2001 (aged in barrel)
Classic bordeaux wine. Good fruit, long finish. The favorite of this flight.
19 $20.00
Château Nardou 2001 (aged in barrel)
Big nose, tannic, good fruit.

12 $12.00